Impression Kit

35,00 €

The nipple impression kit is used to make your custom nipple prostheses.


This kit is also intended for women who will undergo a mastectomy and who wish to have the imprint of their nipples.

Thanks to this nipple imprint kit we are able to have all the details of your nipple, to be able to recreate them by finding the shape, texture and all other details for the manufacture of the custom nipple mold.


Breast impression kit includes:

- Instructions for making breast impressions and photos

- Silicone jars with spatulas for two impressions

- Colour samples so you can identify the colour of your nipple and areola

- A good return to return the package


Then we will have to return the kit thanks to the good return and we will keep your nipple impressions until you have decided to make your nipple prostheses.


If you want to make your custom made prostheses in a second time, contact us and we will deduct the price of the kit paid from the sum of the prostheses of the custom made collection.