Adhesive B-460 - 30 ml

50,00 €


Is an adhesive for temporarily applying silicone implants to the skin.

This product is certified safe for the skin, odorless and non-irritating.

All products used are absolutely biocompatible and non-toxic.

B-460 adhesive has CE Class 1 certification.

Technical sheet sent by email at your request.


Important: Shake the container well before use.

Preparation:  Clean skin with soap and water to remove any oils that may affect the adhesion of Adhesive B-460.

Allow the skin to dry completely.

APPLICATION: Adhesive B-460 can be applied using a cotton swab, latex-free makeup sponge or appropriate makeup brush.

Apply the adhesive to the surface of the skin or denture, the adhesive can also be applied to both the skin and the denture.

Important : Allow Adhesive B-460 to evaporate completely. This adhesive will only work if it has dried completely.

Once dried, press the denture into place. Adhesive B-460 is a pressure sensitive adhesive, the firmer you press, the better the adhesive bond will be .